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Hot Marbles Apparel

Hot Marbles was born from the idea to supply creative and unique designs to racing fans across Great Britain. Hot Marbles was purely designed for the customers that show up to races on the coldest days & nights, for the families that bring their kids out on the track every Sunday at 7 am and for the true fans that love the hot connection between rubber and grit.

Building a Brand for Petrol-Heads

Hot Marbles is an on-going personal project that I co-created to fill the market gap of products that spoke directly to petrol-heads and race fans. 

In today's online marketplace, I failed to find material for die hard racing fans that didn't have an oversized, flashy logo plastered all over it. I contemplated how to contribute to the market and poised Hot Marbles as a conceptual, challenger brand to other major racing apparel companies.

The results have been amazing. 

The Takeaway

Building and scaling brands today no longer depends solely on supply and manufacturer agreements. It requires solving creative problems within product markets and finding new ways to grab peoples attention and achieve customer loyalty.

In the project I lead the creative direction and deployment of concepts.

  • Identified the market and created a brand to fill the gap
  • Designed over 50 product SKU's for men, woman and kids
  • Managed relationships with manufacturers to supply gear worldwide
  • I also built and maintain the website for clean UX and buying experience today.
Looking to the future, nearly 86% of online retailers are investing in expanding their eCommerce experience. (Source: Accenture) Hot Marbles is poised as a challenger brand to other major racing apparel companies.

Hot Marbles remains active and we're always adding new products monthly. Check out the full portfolio live below: